What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click does what it says on the tin, you pay per click on your Google ads. Unlike organic search or SEO as its commonly know, PPC allows you [with a good enough strategy] to appear top of Google searches for your brand, product or service. PPC is as flexible as you need it to me whether is for ongoing or one-off campaigns.

How does PPC work?

PPC is somewhat similar to SEO in the way it works based on a combination of keyword research, ad creative/copy, location targeting and landing page experience. It doesn't stop there, a budget along with other factors can place your brand above organic search results in 1st place on Google. Many businesses prefer the flexibility of PPC compared to SEO.

Our PPC experience

We've worked across many sectors during my career to date helping to shape and manage PPC campaigns. Some of the sectors we've worked with on PPC campaigns include; telecommunications, a regional broadband provider, retail brands, commercial and domestic air treatment brands, a popular UK-based vape brand and the education sector.

PPC management process

1. Audit

If you already have any PPC campaign history, we start by conducting an audit of your current campaigns and identify issues and wastage.

2. Research

We delve into industry insights and lots of competitor research to help us form a strategy perfect for your business and inline with your business growth plans.

3. Implementation

After the initial audit and research we will structure your campaigns with a carefully applied budget which forms a balance of targeting your audience and maximising conversion opportunity as well as furthering brand reach.

4. Optimisation

Once your PPC campaigns are live it's essential daily campaign management to maximise your budget and ROI that keeps things ticking over.

5. Testing, Testing, 123

A healthy CTR is always a positive indication that your campaigns are being well received however it doesn't stop there. Ad, landing page and user journey testing allows us to continually improve campaign performance and increase conversions.

6. Campaign growth

Our in-depth research and test data fuels new ideas for customer acquisition and campaign growth.

What a Satori Digital PPC strategy can do for your business

  • improve ROI

  • increase brand visibility

  • increase brand engagement

  • increase conversions

  • reduce campaign budget waste


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